Let me tell you about me.

Shelby Dart – The Lux Queen.  A little sassy, a lot ridiculous. 

I’ve got my fingers in more pies than you can count. I have mastered the art of making my money work hard being self employed most of my adult life. I’ve also mastered spending that money on the finer things in life. This makes my husband so happy. (Insert sarcasm here!) 

Real estate investing, money maven, & a connoisseur of diverse income streams has created a sassy attitude & passion for building wealth.

My secret sauce? Hard work, determination, fear of failure, excitement…..and well, I like money in my pocket.

Why am I here.

I’m 50 & life has kicked me a time or two. Cancer challenged me so I had to let go of my real estate business, but my faith in God compelled me to embrace new beginnings. From survivor to conqueror, I’ve learned that life’s unexpected twists are often part of a greater plan. With renewed strength, I’m now on a journey to inspire others through resilience & unshakable faith.

Ready to join the fun & get your swagger on?

I’ve been married quite a long time with 4 children. I’m a Ranch owner, Grammy, & avid dog lover. We own a diverse real estate portfolio with long term, short term & Airbnb rentals, & a brewery.  

You name it-I’ve done it to make money. 


I’ve honed my skills in the art of juggling multiple streams of income. From real estate investing to diverse ventures, I’ve learned that financial wisdom is about building a robust & sustainable financial ecosystem. With years of experience & a passion for creating wealth, I’m here to share insights on the rewarding journey of building & managing a financial empire.

Let’s make that money twirl.



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